Choose a Plan that Works for You

Subjects Available: English, Maths, Business, Economics, Design and Technology, Citizenship.

Super Platinum Package: £1,997 per month

A 1:1 Service which is taught before via zoom including 12 Lessons per month, all resources and practice questions and answers.

Includes :

  • Priority Booking with most experienced teachers.
  • Concierge service in relation to study requirements.
  • 24/7 Availability when studying whilst traveling.
  • 24/7 Email response to questions from tutors based worldwide.
  • Free Copy of Insider Secrets of the Examiners.
  • Intervention classes as needed.

Also :

  • 15 Sessions covering Study skills and Soft skills  – Confidence, Commitment, Resilience, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Public Speaking.
  • Exam Bootcamp with Qualified Experienced Examiners.
  • Written Assessments, feedback, and retests.
  • Homework assistance.
  • Assistance with University and College Personal Statements and Applications.

Teaching and Learning

We Offer 4 levels of teaching and support. If you would like a free consultation – just click the button at the bottom of the page

Tailored Package

Each Student is different, so we know from experience that it’s important to have the right level of support and interaction.

1:1 or Group

In consultation with you, we will be able to advise which Group we think is most suitable, so that the speed of progress and level of support is appropriate to the student’s learning needs

Video Tutorials

Enhanced teaching with 4 free videos covering first 4 module topics as well as the ongoing lessons.

Weekly Live Video Calls

“Zoom” calls online enhances and extends the learning process and builds independent learning skills. It is today one of the most powerful tools to learn and use.

Monitoring of Progress

We accept that sometimes, progression is at a slower rate for some students. We use a module by module assessment for students to pass in order to proceed. This allows us to evaluate effectively and inform parents to ensure regular progress is made.

Certificate of Completion

We believe it is important to continually encourage and motivate students.  As well as our weekly attention to supporting students, we recognise accomplishment and complete the program with a Certificate of Achievement. 

“I struggled to write at A level standard before I met Jacqui. She helped me understand some difficult economic concepts and how to express them to get a good exam result.”


“I was so unsure of my ability before I met Jacqui. She helped me pass A level Economics and get to University.”


I just want to say thank you for all your help and support. You reached me to believe in myself, to think that I can do it f I really want to. Thank you for everything you did. I will never forget you. You are the Best Teacher!



Addressing some of common questions that you might have.  

Am I entering into a contract for these services?

The simple answer is no. We charge on a monthly basis to give you the flexibility to stop at any point. We would recommend that you allow a minimum period of 3 months to demonstrate results but this is in no way mandatory.

What happens during the holidays?

As we are an online service, our monthly charge will still be effective as the service is 24/7 and allows continuity of learning. The exception to this is the Summer break and no charges are made for July and August in which maintenance and updating of materials will be carried out.

I am not sure what level my child is working at. How do I find this out?

There are many ways of assessing a student in a subject. The method used may vary from school to school and subject to subject. It is often the case that schools only allocate time at parents evening to discuss this which can be quick and confusing. We use a launchpad approach in which you will be able to see the progress of your child based on unit assessments and certificates. We also provide detailed feedback so that you are able to confidently track outcomes and plan accordingly.

My child is on the SEND register. Does that mean that their future possibilities are limited?

In general the answer has to be no, the possibilities are never limited. We encourage all students to develop an infinite mindset and this will enable them to aim for the most that they can achieve.

How can I help my child whilst they are being bullied; they are falling behind?

We are sorry to hear about this, bullying is a matter which can affect the whole life of a person. It often results in children seeking reasons not to go to school. We can help by providing fully monitored courses with face to face lessons to ensure that nothing is missed in those important subjects. You can contact us to resolve these issues.

How does the discounted price work?

We like to reward you for your resilience in learning, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on your monthly subscription. If you decide to cancel and email , you will continue to receive access to lessons, powerpoints, videos, assessments, tutor support until the last day of the month in which your email is received. (This is of course notwithstanding the option of paying annually at a greater discount!)

*should you pay annually and cancel, the refunded amount will be calculated at the monthly discount rate.

What happens if I am unhappy with the level of progress being made?

We are always happy to discuss concerns and you should email in the first instance to register your concern. We will respond within 24-48hours with a proposed solution or to arrange a meeting.

Is there any way of guaranteeing and exam outcome?

Unfortunately, not. This is often a disappointing answer however it should be viewed in context. The course is designed to achieve the higher grades and you will have an excellent idea of what grade to expect. It will take commitment from all parties to ensure that this is achieved on exam day.

How do I know the best subjects for my child to study at KS4 and KS5?

This will require a conversation about career choice and qualification requirements. You will also need to discuss with your child what their favourite subjects are and of course how to create a balance between academic and creative. You can contact us at any time if you need guidance on the discussion.

My child lacks confidence but is very able. How can I help to keep them motivated?

Confidence is an issue that affects all abilities , it largely arises from who is in the lesson at any time. We seek to address the confidence problem by only having 3 students per class and they are matched according to ability. As lessons are online, there is little scope for conflict and learning time is maximized. Confidence in themselves will rise.

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